Constant Force Balance

"Built to withstand a Hurricaine, but priced effectively for everyday use!"

  • Constant force springs provide even operating force.
  • Smooth operation with reduced noise provided by coil riding on wheel.
  • Patented Sash Retaining Pivot Shoe and Bar relationship eliminates the need for banding.
  • Snap together cover design comes standard with built-in dust block and air dam to suppress noise and friction while improving lift and reducing SKU's.
  • Stainless steel coil springs come from one of America's Oldest Spring Manufacturers.
  • Offered assembled or unassembled for both new construction and replacement.
  • Strongest coils on market, 3/8'' coils 5 lb, 1/2" coils 10 lb, 3/4" coils 11 lb.
  • System stackable up to four springs; 3/8'' coils up to 40 lb sash, 1/2" coils up to 80 lb sash, 3/4" coils up to 88 lb: maximum sash weights.
  • Longest coil on market, 40" with 37" travel on all standard coils.
  • Mounts below the meeting rail, therefore no balance cover is needed.
  • Meets egress requirements in smaller windows using our 3/8" spring system.
  • Tested according to AAMA 902-99