In 1994, we had an idea for a Divot Repair Tool that could be produced inexpensively while providing golfers a quality product that could be pad printed for advertising. It started as a weekend project. We had the tool built, a mold machine setup, materials, a pad printer and a rented space in an old beer distributorship to work from. Our nights and weekends became filled with phone calls and visits to promote our product to anyone who would listen. As we began marketing these divot tools, our customers became curious as to how we did it and if we could do other small injection molded projects at a reasonable price. Apparently, these individuals had developed some keen ideas for components for their particular industry, but could not justify producing them because of the small quantities and the tremendous tooling, setup and molding fees. We provided them with the answer to their problems. We developed a family mold system for our customers that allowed them to have production parts at a fraction of the cost for prototyping. In 1997 we added Metal Stamping to our repertoire and we currently produce over 1,000 Injection Molded, Metal Stamped and Die Cast products for the Golf Industry, an Electronic Instrument Company, a Christian Bookstore and the Window and Door Industry.



We built our business around assisting our customers in developing custom components for their windows and doors. Our reputation is on the line every time a window or door goes out of a customer's building because we stand behind our products 100%. Rest assured that if a customer of ours is having a problem, we are there for them even if it is just for advice or moral support. If we don't have it, we will either build it or find it for you. That's what a full service supplier does for their customers.